• Ružica

    20.00 98.00 
    Once upon a time I had a companion, Ružica. She's gone now but her memory remains. By magic transfer of intention and energy Ružica fish here becomes the keeper of your secrets and the guardian of the house. Nothing bad can touch you as long as she's keeping an eye on you and those you love.
  • Octopus

    The octopuses listen to your wish for faraway travel to all corners of the world and protect you in all directions with their eightfold hug. They are quite good at hugging.
  • Small Animals

    The small animals are here to open your heart, make you smile and giggle. What changes a life is usually much smaller, kinder, funnier and weirder than you'd expect. And here they are.
  • Big animals

    The big animals - wide or tall, horny, spikey, puffy, starry, land crawlers or ocean dwellers - are here to make it all right. To make what all right? Everything and anything you need.


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