• Bepo

    You're one of a kind, an original. Don't even try to fit in. Be weird and strange, be free, be you. Bepo protects your unique magical self. Whisper your wish. Try it, it really works!
  • Berta

    Berta collects your friendship wishes. Friends are your chosen family, the ones you share your days and life with, who know you better than you know yourself and don’t ask anything but your company. Show them some love.
  • Bosa

    Bosa is the keeper of your optimism wishes and good intentions. Things may sometimes become a mess even with the best intentions. Intention always has and always will matter and she'll keep you positive through anything.
  • Grga

    Confidence depends on what you think of yourself and the world. To gain confidence you'll need to make mistakes first and that’s all right. Whisper your wish to Grga. Try it, it really works!


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